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Website Development

We are happy to announce that Solid State Computers can now offer web development services to all its
clients with immediate effect.

A total all-in-one in house solution from registering, hosting, designing, uploading and maintaining a website is
now possible.

We can manage the process from start to finish for your personal or business website.

Hosting packages start at R 40.00 Inc Vat per month (including e-mail addresses) for a basic package that
includes a web domain.

Domain package features will vary according to what functions are required.

Cost of development: Basic Web site designed and uploaded from R 1400.00 Inc Vat.

(A once off registration fee of R 130.00 Inc Vat will apply for any new domains that would need to be

Includes the following pages (Minimum of 5 pages):

As an example

Home | About | Product | Contact | Info

Plus one other page as required ie. Services or Technical or Pictures etc.

Or any variation of any 5 pages desired with graphics and content as required.

Enquire now for a free quote for a basic web site for your business or personal use.

Ask about larger packages which have more functionality.