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hotspot installations

Solid State Computers can advise on hotspot installations and the configuration and deployment of hotspots for the Hospitality industry.

Restaurants, Hotels and Guest houses often make use of free to air internet data connections for guests and customers to connect their laptops and smartphones to.

One problem however is that such free "open" connections can be abused and the establishment can end up with excessive internet bills or in the case of capped accounts the internet will stop working at the most inconvenient times.

By making use of customised wireless routers it is possible to provide a solution that is suitable for guests, customers and providers of the service.

For instance a customer at a restaurant would like to make use of the internet for business purposes.

By connecting to the correct wireless signal and attempting to open an internet page the user will automatically be guided to a welcome log in page.
manuka picture hot spot

The user can make use of the free connection which can be configured to time out after 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on requirements.

The free 1 hour connection is available once only during any 24 hour period per user.

Should the establishment however wish to provide any users with a longer connection time issued vouchers can be provided to those users accordingly for uninterrupted browsing.

Certain web site URL's can also be allowed to be available all day by setting up allowable sites, such as the major Banks, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, News24 etc.

There are multiple configurable options available to suit your needs.
The hardware itself is small and very powerful and has built in antennas with good ranges; external antennas can be mounted depending on requirements.

For further details or should you have any queries please call or mail.

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